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Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten  -  Institut néerlandais du Proche-Orient

Kampman slides

A.A. Kampman collected a large number of slides, primarily for teaching. Many are his own photographs from travels in the Middle East in the fifties and sixties.

Palmyra. Temenos of the Temple of Bel, view to northeast. Photo Kampman 1955

Prof. Dr. A.A. Kampman, initiator and long-time Director of the Netherlands Institute for the Near East as well as the subsidiary institute in Istanbul, travelled and taught regularly. His slides collection includes his own photographs (both in colour and black-and-white) as well as images taken from books.

Inventory, cataloguing and description of the collection was initiated by Deborah Giannessi and is currently in progress. The goal is to digitize these unique and valuable images and publish them online. More information on the digitization project, and all digitised slides, are found on the NINO Collection glass slides page on this website.

As an example, a number of images photographed by Kampman in Palmyra in 1955 are presented here.