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A. Egberts

In Quest of Meaning

A Study of the Ancient Egyptian Rites of Consecrating the Meret-Chests and Driving the Calves

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1995 (Eg. Uitg. vol. 8)
XXXVII, 540 pp. softcover
ISBN-13: 978-90-6258-208-2

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This book is the first monograph on the closely associated ancient Egyptian rites of consecrating the meret-chests and driving the calves. It presents an exhaustive catalogue of the scenes representing these rites, which are found in temples, tombs and coffins. The iconography of the scenes is described in detail. The texts of the scenes, many of which have not been published before, have all been translated. The translations are provided with an extensive philological commentary. Mainly proceeding from the texts of the scenes in the Ptolemaic and Roman temples, the interpretations given to the two rites by the Egyptians are established. The place of the rites within various festival liturgies is discussed, as well as the decorative and architectural context of the scenes depicting the rites. Finally, the question of the origin of the rites is considered.