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Akkade is King

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VIII, 332 pp.
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Akkade is King

2011  |  PIHANS Volume 118 A collection of papers by friends and colleagues presented to Aage Westenholz on the occasion of his 70th birthday 15th of May 2009 ISBN 13: 978-90-6258-329-4  |  ISSN: 1571-5728

G. Barjamovic, J.L. Dahl, J. Goodnick Westenholz, U.S. Koch, W. Sommerfeld

In the volume Akkade is King, friends, colleagues and former students celebrate the scholarly achievements of Aage Westenholz on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

Contributions cover a wide range of topics within the field of Ancient Near Eastern Studies, including Semitic linguistics and grammar, archaeology and art history, administration and bureaucracy, Sumerian and Akkadian literature, political history, trade and economy through the first three millennia of recorded history.

Table of Contents:
Bibliography of the publications of Aage Westenholz
B. Alster – Some New Sumerian Proverbs
J. Andersson – A Modest Addition to Early Syro-Mesopotamian Calendars
O. Bulgarelli – Financial and economic activity in Mesopotamia
J.L. Dahl – The Statue of Nin-e’iga
J.G. Dercksen – The Seal of Bel: Sealing practices and Babylonian religious motifs in the Seleucid period
J. Eidem – The Towers of Shemshara
A. Fadhil and M. Hilgert – „Verwandelt meine Verfehlungen in Gutes!“ Ein šigû-Gebet an Marduk aus dem Bestand der «Sippar-Bibliothek»
L. Feldt and U.S. Koch – A Life’s Journey – Reflections on Death in the Gilgamesh Epic
B.R. Foster – The Sargonic Period: Two Historiographical Problems
A.R. George – Erridupizir’s triumph and Old Akkadian sa’pum “foot”
J.-J. Glassner – Le corps de la victime dans le sacrifice divinatoire
J.C. Johnson – The metaphysics of mantic/prophetic authentication devices in Old Babylonian Mari
L. Kogan – Old Babylonian Copies of Sargonic Royal Inscriptions as Linguistic Evidence
G. Marchesi – Goods from the Queen of Tilmun
E. Markina – Observations on Gasur Akkadian
J. Oelsner – Bemerkungen zu den „Archivfunden“ aus den hellenistischen Heiligtümern Uruks
F. Pomponio – Quello che accade (forse) dopo la morte di Šar-kali-šarri
J. Reade – The search for Old Akkadian rule at Nineveh
E. Salgues – Naram-Sin’s conquests of Subartu and Armanum
G.J. Selz – Reconstructing the Old Sumerian Administrative Archives of the é-mí – é-dba-ba6 - Institution
W. Sommerfeld – Altakkadische Duelle
G. Visicato – The Careers of Some Bureaucrats in ED IIIb and Sargonic Girsu
J.G. Westenholz – Who was Aman-Aštar?

This volume is available from Peeters Publishers, Leuven.