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23 Mar 09:30

The kingdom of Kizzuwatna

Andrea Trameri a.o.

Academiegebouw, Leiden

The kingdom of Kizzuwatna:
Recent developments in research

NINO Postdoctoral Research Fellow 3rd Annual Conference
Leiden, March 23rd-25th 2023

Around the turn of 14th c. BCE the Hittite kingdom incorporated the neighbor kingdom of Kizzuwatna, centered in the region of Cilicia in south-eastern Anatolia. This event had a remarkable impact on the Hittite culture, manifest in the adoption of the local gods and the importation of textual lore, particularly rituals and cults. Presumably connected with these phenomena is also the introduction of the Hurrian language in central Anatolia. The history of Cilicia in the second millennium BCE, and of the local kingdom of Kizzuwatna, are thus topics of much interest in research on Hittite Anatolia. Yet, the local political history, and its socio-linguistic and cultural layout, remain quite obscure.


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Dr. Andrea Trameri – NINO Postdoctoral Fellow


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Thursday 23 March

Academy Building, Telders Auditorium
9.30 doors open
10.00-11.15 opening session
Willemijn Waal (NINO, Leiden) – Andrea Trameri (NINO, Leiden-Würzburg)
Welcome and Presentation
Opening Lecture:
Eva von Dassow (Minnesota)
Into the mountains and down to the sea: adventures in Kizzuwatna circa 1400 BCE
11.15-11.30 coffee break
11.30-13.00 Religion and Rituals
chair: A. Trameri
Manfred Hutter (Bonn)
What do we know about „Kizzuwatnaean“ religion?
Stefano De Martino (Torino)
The Tradition and the Recensions of the itkalzi-Ritual
13.00-14.30 lunch break
14.30-16.00 People and Languages
chair: A. Kloekhorst
Ilya Yakubovich (Marburg)
Luwian in Kizzuwadna
Zsolt Simon (Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics)
Hurrian(s) in Kizzuwatna: An old topos reconsidered
16.00-16.20 tea break
16.20-18.30 Religious Contacts
chair: L. van de Peut
Piotr Taracha (Warszawa)
Some Remarks on Cultural and Religious Contacts of North-Central Anatolia with Luwian and Luwio-Hurrian Milieu of the South and Southeastern Anatolia in the Second Millennium BCE
Alice Mouton (CNRS Paris)
Interacting with the Dead in Kizzuwatna
Livio Warbinek (Verona)
From Kizzuwatna to Hattusa: How Gods were adopted into the State Pantheon

Friday 24 March

Oude Sterrewacht, room C1.04 (De Sitter Hall)
9.45-11.15 Archaeology
chair: B. Düring
Mirko Novák (Bern) & Ekin Kozal (Çanakkale)
The Archaeology of Kizzuwatna – Data, Research, Questions
Deniz Yaşin – Matthias Lange (Bern, Berlin)
The Pot Marks of Late Bronze Age Tepebağ Höyük, Adana, in Cilician and Interregional Contexts
11.15-11.30 coffee break
11.30-13.00 Geography and Trade
chair: J.G. Dercksen
Adam Kryszeń (Marburg)
Places and Spaces of Kizzuwatna
Massimo Cultraro (CNR, Catania)
The Kingdom of Kizzuwatna and the circulation of perfumed oil: a view from Mycenaean Rhodes
13.00-14.30 lunch break
14.30-16.00 Diplomacy
chair: A. Trameri
Mauro Giorgieri (Pavia)
Considerations on the Kizzuwatna Treaties and the Beginning of the Hittite Tradition of Subordination Treaties
Virginie Danniau (Leuven)
The importance of diplomacy for the ancient Hittite kingdom. The case of the Kizzuwatna
16.00-16.20 tea break
16.20-17.50 Kings and Queens
chair: W. Waal
Sylvia Hutter-Braunsar (Köln)
The Impact of the Annexation of Kizzuwatna in the Involvement of Hittite Queens in the Administration of the Hittite Kingdom
Mariateresa Albanese (Roma)
Šarrašši, evrišši and allašši: three keywords of the Hurro-Kizzuwatnean kingship

Saturday 25 March

Lipsius Building, room 1.48
10.00-11.30 Beyond Kizzuwatna
chair: M. Müller
Alvise Matessi (Verona)
The Foreigners and their Subjects... Political Identity in the Iron Age North-East Mediterranean and the Case of Palastin
Marco De Pietri (Pavia)
The region of Kizzuwatna viewed from Egypt: the attestations(?) of Kizzuwatna and its area in the Egyptian documentation
11.30-11.50 coffee break
11.50-12.45 Epilogue
chair: A. Trameri
Marie-Claude Trémouille (ISMEO Roma, Emerita)
Kizzuwatna à la fin du Bronze Récent. Troubles, incendies, morts, destructions ... Que s’est-il passé?
Conclusions and farewell