The Netherlands Institute for the Near East

Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten  -  Institut nĂ©erlandais du Proche-Orient

Access to digital publications

In addition to our collections of printed publications, the NINO Library holds a growing number of scholarly publications in digital form.

Online publications and resources – books and journals as well as databases – in the collections of the NINO Library can be accessed through the central catalogue of Leiden University Libraries (UBL).

The UBL Subject guide on Ancient Near East Studies, compiled by the NINO Subject Librarians, lists a wealth of online resources. To access these, there are several options:

With an ULCN account/LU Card

Holders of a valid LU Card have a connected ULCN account, which can be used to log into the UBL catalogue. When logged in, one has full access to all materials offered by UBL including the NINO Library – at Leiden University’s premises, at home, or at any location. The LU Card functions as a library card.

Leiden University staff and students are issued a LU Card (with ULCN account) at employment or enrollment. Staff and students at other Dutch universities may obtain a library card (LU Card) from the central UBL desk without a fee: please refer to the UBL website for conditions and application.

Other visitors can obtain an annual fee card for €30 from the central UBL desk. To several categories of visitors (such as alumni, and staff of certain higher education institutions) no fee is charged; please refer to the UBL website for more information.

The NINO Library has two PC workstations available for use with an ULCN account (reading and downloading digital publications).

Without an ULCN account/LU Card

Due to restricted licenses, digital resources are available only through Leiden University’s digital network, i.e.: at Leiden University’s premises – most conveniently at several library locations.

In addition to the workstations for use with an ULCN account, the NINO Library has two general PC workstations (catalogue computers) available for use without a personal ULCN account (reading digital publications).