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9 Nov 2022 Library

NINO Library celebrates Egyptology jubilee year 2022

As our library visitors certainly know, Egyptology celebrates two milestones this year. Many new publications have appeared connected to the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs (Jean-François Champollion, 1822) and the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun (Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon, 1922). We invite you to come and study them with us!

Update March 2023: more books and journal issues

Recent and expected acquisitions of the NINO Library include:


Bédoyère, G. de la
Pharaohs of the Sun. The Rise and Fall of Tutankhamen’s Dynasty (2023) – expected in 2023 

Brier, B.
Tutankhamun and the Tomb that Changed the World (2022) – expected in 2023 

Broschat, K.
Iron from Tutankhamun’s Tomb (2022) – on shelf: DT87.5 B76 2022 

Carnarvon, F.
Egypt at Highclere. The Path to the Discovery of Tutankhamun (2009) – on shelf: DT87.5 C37 2009 

Carnarvon, F.
The Earl and the Pharaoh. From the Real Downton Abbey… to the Discovery of Tutankhamunon shelf: DT87.5 C37 2022

Dodson, A.
Tutankhamun King of Egypt. His Life and Afterlife (2022) – expected in 2023 

Greco, C.
Tutankhamun. La scoperta archeologica che ha cambiato il mondo (2022) – expected in 2023 

Gregory, S.
Tutankhamun knew the names of the two great gods: ḏt and nḥḥ as fundamental concepts of pharaonic ideology (2022) – on shelf: PJ1161 .G74 2022 

Haas Dantes, F.
Transformation eines Königs. Eine Analyse der Ausstattung von Tutankhamuns Mumie (2022) – on shelf: DT87.5 H33 2022 

Hawass, Z.
Le trésor de Toutankhamon [exhibition catalogue] (2019) – expected in 2023 

Hense, M.
Op het spoor van de grafrovers van Toetanchamon. Cold case KV62 (2022) – expected in 2023 

Marshall, A.
La tombe de Toutânkhamon. L’envers du décor (2022) – on shelf: DT87.5 M37 2022

Parkinson, R.
Tutankhamun: Excavating the Archive [exhibition catalogue] (2022) – on shelf: DT87.5 T88 2022 

Reeves, N.
The Complete Tutankhamun: 100 Years of Discovery [rev. ed.] (2022) – expected in 2023 

Riggs, C.
Treasured: How Tutankhamun Shaped a Century (2021) – on shelf: DT87.5 R54 2021 

Shaw, G.
The Story of Tutankhamun. An Intimate Life of the Boy who became King (2022) – on shelf: DT87.5 S53 2022 

Shaw, G.J.
The Treasures of Tutankhamun (2021) – expected in 2023

Veldmeijer, A.
The basketry from the tomb of Tutankhamun. Catalogue and analysis (2022) – on shelf: NK3649.55.E3 V45 2022 

Veldmeijer, A.
Let a cow-skin be brought. Armour, chariots and other leather remains from Tutankhamun’s tomb (2023) – expected in 2023 

Vernon-Hunt, S. (ed.)
The Treasures of Tutankhamun (2021) – on shelf: DT87.5 T74 2021 

Wilkinson, T.
Tutankhamun’s Trumpet: Ancient Egypt in 100 Objects from the Boy-King’s Tomb (2022) – on shelf: DT87.5 W49 2023 

Champollion & decipherment of hieroglyphs

Lyon et la naissance de l’égyptologie: François Artaud, Jean-François Champollion [exhibition catalogue] (2022) – on shelf: PJ1064.C6 L96 2022 

Andreu, G.
L’aventure Champollion. Dans le secret des hiéroglyphes (2022) – on shelf: PJ1064.C6 A94 2022 

Champollion-Figeac, J.-J.
Égypte ancienne [véritable réédition] (2016) – expected in 2023 

Clayton, P.A., Tyldesley, J.
Chasing Hieroglyphs: my journey to Egypt [by Jean-François Champollion] (2022) – expected in 2023

Collombert, Ph.
Révéler l’Égypte oubliée, 1822-1922-2022. Champollion, Toutânkhamon et nous [exhibition catalogue] (2022) – on shelf: DT77 R48 2022 

Dolnick, E.
The Writings of the Gods. The Race to Decode the Rosetta Stone (2021) – on shelf: PJ1531.R5 D64 2021 

Hoffmann, F.
Der Stein von Rosetta (2021) – on shelf: PJ1531.R5 H64 2021 

Lamy, F., Bruwier, M.C.
L’égyptologie avant Champollion (2006) – on shelf: DT60 L36 2005

Le Tourneur d’Ison, C.
Champollion, le dernier voyage (2022) – on shelf: PJ1064.C6 T68 2022 

Madrigal, K.
François Artaud et les frères Champollion. Correspondance 1808-1837 (2022) – on shelf: PJ1064.C6 M33 2022 

Madrigal, K.
J.-F. & J.-J. Champollion. L’aventure du déchiffrement des hiéroglyphes. Correspondance (2021) – on shelf: PJ1064.C6 A94 2021 

Maffre, M.-H.
Champollion. Savant du pharaon (2022) – on shelf: PJ1064.C6 M34 2022 

Regulski, I.
Hieroglyphs: unlocking ancient Egypt [exhibition catalogue] (2022) – on shelf: PJ1111 H547 2022 

Rondot, V.
Champollion. La voie des hiéroglyphes [exhibition catalogue] (2022) – on shelf: PJ1064.C6 C43 2022

Thuault, S.
Le déchiffrement des hiéroglyphes: une aventure millénaire (2022) – on shelf: PJ1095 .T48 2022 

Winand, J.
Les hiéroglyphes avant Champollion. Depuis l’Antiquité classique jusqu’à l’expédition d’Égypte (2022) – on shelf: PJ1097 .H54 2022 

Journal issues