The Netherlands Institute for the Near East

Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten  -  Institut néerlandais du Proche-Orient

22 May 2015 General

Renovation works in the Böhl Collection

The last weeks NINO fellows and volunteers have been busy reorganising our collection of cuneiform tablets and other Near Eastern objects. Renovation works in our library are complete for now, resulting in a major improvement of the storage conditions for the collection.


While the room which holds the collection was being renovated, a team of colleagues and fellows led by Dr D. Giannessi worked on the Böhl Collection itself, checking all items, assigning numbers to objects not formerly catalogued, and refurbishing the cabinets where the objects are kept. This project is aided by important advice given to us by Prof. J. Marzahn, (recently retired) curator of the Berlin Museum tablet collection, who last year visited NINO. In the near future we hope to continue work on the restoration, (digital) access and publication of the cuneiform tablets.

Cooperation and advice

Current project team: Deborah Giannessi, Jeanette Fincke, and Sebastiaan Berntsen; aided by Rients de Boer, Theo Krispijn, Matteo Merlino, and other colleagues.

Advisors: Prof. Joachim Marzahn (curator, Vorderasiatisches Museum Berlin (retired)); Carmen Gütschow (freelance restorer, Berlin); Sonja Radujkovic (restorer, Vorderasiatisches Museum Berlin).

NINO is grateful to UL Vastgoed for its help and cooperation with the renovation.