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Assyria and Beyond

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XIII, 631 pp.
Illustrations: yes

Assyria and Beyond

2004  |  PIHANS Volume 100 Studies Presented to Mogens Trolle Larsen ISBN 13: 978-90-6258-311-9  |  ISSN: 1571-5728

J.G. Dercksen

R.McC. ADAMS: The role of writing in Sumerian agriculture: asking broader questions; I. ALBAYRAK: 'She will live, eat and be anointed together with them'; B. ALSTER: Gudam and the Bull of Heaven; G. BARJAMOVIC: Civic institutions and self-government in Southern Mesopotamia in the mid-first millennium BC; D. CHARPIN & J.-M. DURAND: Prétendants au trône dans le Proche-Orient amorrite; J.L. DAHL: The quest for eternity. Studies in Neo-Sumerian systems of succession; J.G. DERCKSEN: Some elements of Old Anatolian society in Kaniš; V. DONBAZ: Some Old Assyrian texts with rare terminology; J. EIDEM: In the names of Aššur!; P.J. FRANDSEN: Aida and Edward Said: attitudes and images of ancient Egypt and Egyptology; M. GUICHARD & N. ZIEGLER: Yanûh-Samar et les Ekallâtéens en détresse; C. GÜNBATTI: Two treaty texts found at Kültepe; K. HASTRUP: Destined to defeat: Old Icelandic commercial problems; K. HECKER: Beim Tode unseres Vaters... .Der leidige Streit ums Erbe; T. HERTEL: The Balawat Gate narratives of Shalmaneser III; E.E. KNUDSEN: Amorite vocabulary: a comparative statement; N.J.C. KOUWENBERG: Assyrian light on the history of the N-stem; G. KRYSZAT: Wer schrieb die Waklum-Briefe?; S. LUMSDEN: Narrative art and empire: the throneroom of Aššurnasirpal II; D.J.W. MEIJER: A scribal quarter?; C. MICHEL: Deux incantations paléo-assyriennes. Une nouvelle incantation pour accompagner la naissance; P.A. MIGLUS: Die Säule in Assyrien; N. ÖZGÜÇ: More cylinder seals found in Level Ib of Karum Kanish; T. ÖZGÜÇ: Archives of the Karum at Kaniš, Level Ib; O. PEDERSÉN: The fish on a tablet from Babylon; J. READE: The historical status of the Assur stelas; E. REINER: Runaway - seize him; K. RYHOLT: The Assyrian invasion of Egypt in Egyptian literary tradition. A survey of the narrative source material; M.W. STOLPER: The Kasr texts, the Rich collection, the Bellino copies and the Grotefend Nachlass; K.R. VEENHOF: Trade with the blessing of Šamaš in Old Babylonian Sippar; D.A. WARBURTON: Shamshi-Adad and the eclipses; A. WESTENHOLZ: 'Have you been near Prof. Larsen too long?'; I.J. WINTER: The conquest of space in time: three suns on the Victory Stele of Naram-Sîn.