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Deir el-Medîna in the Third Millennium A.D.

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X, 374 pp.
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Deir el-Medîna in the Third Millennium A.D.

2000  |  Eg. Uitg. Volume 14 A Tribute to Jac.J. Janssen ISBN 13: 978-90-6258-214-3  |  ISSN: 0927-0043

R.J. Demarée, A. Egberts

This book contains 27 contributions by authors from various countries, all dealing with the ancient Egyptian village of Deir el-Medîna. Most contributions focus on the New Kingdom community of Deir el-Medîna, when the village was inhabited by the workmen who constructed and decorated the royal tombs of western Thebes. The contributions include publications of unknown texts, new interpretations of published texts, and studies of the archaeological remains, the administration, the economy, the school system, and religious life at Deir el-Medîna.

Table of Contents

  Preface IX
Jürgen Von Beckerath Bemerkungen zu Papyrus Turin 1885 Verso II-III 1-7 
Hans van den Berg and Koen Donker van Heel A Scribe’s Cache from the Valley of Queens? The Palaeography of Documents from Deir el-Medina: Some Remarks 9-49 
M.L. Bierbrier Paneb Rehabilitated? 51-54 
Günter Burkard Ein säumiger Wassertrager: O. Qurna 691 // 17/82 55-64 
Benedict G. Davies and Jaana Toivari A Letter of Reproach (O. DeM 314): Corruption in the Administration of the Washing Service at Deir el-Medina 65-77 
Robert J. Demarée Ladies’ Day: An Unusual Name List from the End of the XIXth Dynasty 79-87 
Aidan Dodson The Late Eighteenth Dynasty Necropolis at Deir el-Medina and the Earliest ‘Yellow’ Coffin of the New Kingdom 89-100 
Hans-W. Fischer-Elfert Rest in Pieces: Fragments of Absence from Work in Deir el-Medina (Pap. Berlin P. 14485 a-d + 14449 c+g; i and 14448) 101-107 
Annie Gasse Le K2, un cas d’école? 109-120 
Pierre Grandet Ouvriers et « esclaves » de Deir el-Medina: Quatre ostraca inedits de l’IFAO 121-127 
Ben Haring The Scribe of the Mat: From Agrarian Administration to Local Justice 129-158 
M. Heerma van Voss Eine in Deir el-Medina gestaltete Vignette und ihre Entwicklung 159-162 
Karl Jansen-Winkeln Zur Geschichte der „Cachette“ von Deir el-Bahri 163-170 
Sally L.D. Katary O. Strasbourg H 106: Ramesside Split Holdings and a Possible Link to Deir el-Medina 171-208 
Jean-Marie Kruchten Un Oracle d’ « Amenhotep du Village » sous Ramses III: Ostracon Gardiner 103 209-216 
Andrea McDowell Teachers and Students at Deir el-Medina 217-233 
Dimitri Meeks Mots sans suite ou notations rituelles ? (O. DeM 1696 et O. Petrie 36) 235-249 
Bernadette Menu Deir el-Medina au crible de l’économie politique 251-257 
Lynn Meskell Spatial Analyses of the Deir el-Medina Settlement and Necropoleis 259-275 
Dominic Montserrat Burial Practices at Third Century A.D. Deir el-Medina as Evidenced from a Roman Painted Shroud in the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden 277-286 
A.J. Peden The Workmen of Deir el-Medina and the Decline of Textual Graffiti at West Thebes in Late Dynasty XX and Early Dynasty XXI 287-290 
Maarten J. Raven Objects from Deir el-Medina in the National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden 291-302 
Anthony Spalinger Medinet Habu and Deir el-Medina Combined 303-324 
Eric P. Uphill Some Matters Relating to the Growth and Walls of Deir el-Medina 325-330 
Pascal Vernus La grotte de la Vallée des Reines dans la piété personnelle des ouvriers de la Tombe (BM 278) 331-336 
René van Walsem Deir el-Medina as the Place of Origin of the Coffin of Anet in the Vatican (Inv.: XIII.2.1, XIII.2.2) 337-349 
Stefan Wimmer Welches Jahr 29? 351-358 
  Index of Personal Names 359-366 
  Index of Texts 367-373 
  Plates Pl. I-LI