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Egyptological bibliography 1822-1997

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Egyptological bibliography 1822-1997

2001  |  AEB A guide to 60,000 books and articles on ancient Egypt and Egyptology ISBN 13: 978-90-6258-961-6  |  ISSN: 0165-9111

H.S. van den Berg, W. Hovestreydt

The two most comprehensive Egyptological bibliographies are now available in electronic format that will greatly facilitate searching for specific subjects or titles.

Together, the “Bibliographie Altägypten 1822-1946”, compiled by Christine Beinlich-Seeber, and the “Annual Egyptological Bibliography” virtually span the entire lifetime of Egyptology as a scholarly discipline, starting with the publication of Champollion's Lettre à M. Dacier in 1822.

The two bibliographies are available on CD-ROM with a user-friendly search programme permitting sophisticated searches in both bibliographies simultaneously. The programme allows searches for keywords, authors, serials or periodicals, and year of publication. Additional features include a number of specialized bibliographies and a full bibliographical index.

The CD-ROM includes the AEB volumes up to and including 1997.