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Book Specifications
XXXII, 298 pp.

From the Treasures of Syria

2015  |  PIHANS Volume 126 Essays on Art and Archaeology in Honour of Stefania Mazzoni ISBN 13: 978-90-6258-337-9  |  ISSN: 1571-5728

P. Ciafardoni, D. Giannessi

From the Treasures of Syria presents perspectives on the art and archaeology of ancient Syria, authored by a number of leading experts. The volume is a tribute to Stefania Mazzoni, Professor of Near Eastern Archeology at the University of Florence.

The important site of Tell Afis, where S. Mazzoni worked for many years, is represented by special studies on ceramics and figurines, all from levels investigated very comprehensibly at Afis, and which cover the transition from the Late Bronze Age through the Iron Age. Finds from Afis are also the focus in other articles, like a fragmentary stele studied by A. Otto, who extends perspectives on iconographic elements back into the early Neolithic. The analysis of iconography is an important subject in several other papers, which study seals, obelisks, and carved ivories. Other contributions present results of excavations at important sites in Syria and the Levant, such as Amrith, the Southern Gate at Zincirli and its sculptured slabs, and the early Third Millennium palace at Tell el-‛Abd. Tell Atchana/Alalakh, Ugarit, Tell Mozan, Tell Banat, and Tell Fekheriye are represented by studies and interpretations of statues, seals, and ceramics.

The volume is illustrated with many images in colour.


Preface – Introduction – Stefania: an appreciation – Tabula Gratulatoria – Bibliography of the publications of Stefania Mazzoni.

I. Sites and Cities

U. Finkbeiner, A Palace from the Early Third Millennium in Tell el-‛Abd (Raqqa Province); M. Al-Maqdissi, Travaux syriens à Amrith I. Introduction et séquence stratigraphique; M. Pucci, Founding and Planning a new Town: the southern Town Gate at Zincirli; F. Venturi, Storage Jars and Household Storage Methods in Tell Afis between Late Bronze Age II and Iron Age II.

II. Kings and Power

M. K. Buccellati, Power and Identity Construction in Ancient Urkesh; P. Matthiae, On the Origin of the Middle Assyrian Obelisks; D. Bonatz, A Middle Assyrian Centaur from Tell Fekheriye; G. Herrmann and S. Laidlaw, Syro-Phoenician Ivories at Nimrud; A. Caubet, Réflexion sur le lit d’ivoire du palais royal d’Ougarit.

III. Gods and Men

A. Otto, 9,000 Years of Cultic Traditions in Northern Mesopotamia and Syria? Thoughts about the crescent, the bull and the pole with human heads; A. Yener, Material Evidence of Cult and Ritual at Tell Atchana, Ancient Alalakh: Deities of the Transitional Middle-Late Bronze Period; C. Felli, On Naked Women: a case study; A. Porter, Images of the Steppe: The Bull-Man and Goat Boy pots from Banat/Bazi; P. D’Amore, Iron Age Clay Figurines: a perspective from Tell Afis.

IV. General Reflections

G. Buccellati, Tensional Factors and Compositional Analysis. Crossovers between Linguistics and Art Criticism.

This volume is available from Peeters Publishers, Leuven.