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From the Upper Sea to the Lower Sea

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XXVII, 293 pp.
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From the Upper Sea to the Lower Sea

2004  |  PIHANS Volume 101 Studies on the History of Assyria and Babylonia in Honour of A.K. Grayson ISBN 13: 978-90-6258-312-6  |  ISSN: 1571-5728

G. Frame, L. Wilding

Contents: R.D. BIGGS: The Babylonian Fürstenspiegel as a Political Forgery; B. CIFOLA: The Titles of Tukulti-Ninurta I after the Babylonian Campaign: A Re-evaluation; E. COOPER & M. FORTIN: Tell 'Acharneh in the Middle Orontes Valley and the Assyrian Presence in Syria; J. CURTIS: Maceheads from Tell Mohammed in the British Museum; V. DONBAZ: Selected Middle Assyrian Private Letters Housed at Istanbul; D.O. EDZARD: LKA 62: Parodie eines assyrischen Feldzugsberichts; G. FRAME: The Order of the Wall Slabs with the Annals of Sargon II in Room V of the Palace at Khorsabad; G. FRAYNE: Geographical Notes on the Land of Akkad; H.D. GALTER: Geschichte als Bauwerk: Der Aššurtempel und das assyrische Geschichtsbewusstsein; A.R. GEORGE: Royal Inscriptions from the Folios of Sidney Smith; A. HARRAK: Two Fragmentary Inscriptions of Ashurnasirpal II; J.D. HAWKINS: The New Sargon Stele from Hama; M.J.A. HORSNELL: On the Use of Year-names in Reconstructing the History of the First Dynasty of Babylon; A.D. KILMER: A. Leo Oppenheim's Children of the Institute; W.G. LAMBERT: The Enigma of Tukulti-Ninurta I; E. LEICHTY & C.B.F. WALKER: Three Babylonian Chronicle and Scientific Texts; M. LIVERANI: Assyria in the Ninth Century: Continuity or Change?; S. PARPOLA: Desperately Trying to Talk Sense: A Letter of Assurbanirpal Concerning his Brother Šamaš-šumu-ukin; J.N. POSTGATE & R.A. MATTILA: Il-yada' and Sargon's Southeast Frontier; J. READE: The Assyrians as Collectors: From Accumulation to Synthesis; H. TADMOR: An Assyrian Victory Chant and Related Matters; T.C. YOUNG: Darius I, Commander-in-Chief: Bisitun I:35 to III:92 as Military History; H. GRAU & J.R. NOVOTNY: Bibliography of Publications by A.K. Grayson.