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Book Specifications
XIV, 98 pp.

New Reading Book of Middle Egyptian Texts

2022  |  Eg. Uitg. Volume 33 Selected and Edited by Adriaan de Buck. With a New Introduction and Additional Texts Collected by Olaf E. Kaper ISBN 13: 978-90-429-4693-4

A. de Buck, O.E. Kaper

Adriaan de Buck’s Egyptian Readingbook is a classic of Dutch Egyptology. After its first publication in 1948 it has remained in print and it is still being used all over the world to teach students how to read the Middle Egyptian stage of the Egyptian language. The book contains a wide selection of historical texts, a few classic literary pieces and some religious texts handwritten in the beautiful and clear hieroglyphic handwriting of Adriaan de Buck. This new edition contains a few additional texts, notably some of the Coffin Texts and Book of the Dead spells, and a new introduction by Olaf E. Kaper.