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The Archaeology of the Nile Delta, Egypt

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XV, 325 pp.
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The Archaeology of the Nile Delta, Egypt

1988  |  Various publishers; distributed by NINO Problems and Priorities ISBN 13: 978-90-70556-30-3

E.C.M. van den Brink

The growing importance of the Nile Delta in present-day archaeological investigation is clearly demonstrated by the increasing number of long-term explorations executed by the Egyptian Antiquities Department itself and by a number of foreign missions.
For the first time a Seminar has been devoted to this field of studies. The spheres of interest ranged from the Archaic through the Coptic period. Topics covered recent findings on a number of sites and palaeobiological research as well as methods of field research typical for this area, such as surveying, geo-electric sounding, drilling.