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The Ilıpınar Excavations II

Book Specifications
VI, 354 pp.

The Ilıpınar Excavations II

2001  |  PIHANS Volume 93 ISBN 13: 978-90-6258-094-1  |  ISSN: 1571-5728

J.J. Roodenberg, L.C. Thissen

This second volume on the excavations at Ilıpınar in Northwestern Anatolia comprises studies on the pottery of Ilipinar's early farming period, e.g. the phases X through VB. Various authors present accounts of the architectural remains of phases VI through VB scattered along the west flank of the mound, while a full record is given of the radiocarbon dates, covering the whole preshistoric occupation of this multiperiod mound.
In addition to reports on the chipped stone industry, a study is included on vegetational remains from this Neolithic-Early Chalcolithic settlement in the framework of Late Quarternary vegetation of Western Turkey.