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VI, 191, 4 pls. pp.

Zagros Studies

2020  |  PIHANS Volume 130 Proceedings of the NINO Jubilee Conference and Other Research on the Zagros Region ISBN 13: 978-90-429-4055-0

J. Eidem

Zagros Studies contains nine articles on the archaeology and history of the Zagros Region in Iraq. Five of these are expanded versions of papers that were delivered at a conference celebrating the 75th anniversary of The Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO) in December 2014. The other articles present results of the NINO archaeological project on the Rania Plain, and new investigations on the Shemshara Hills and other sites on the plain, which are threatened by Lake Dokan; a spectacular terracotta “tower” is published here for the first time (see illustration on the front cover).

Table of Contents

Jesper Eidem

Long-Term Human-Environment Interactions in the Neolithic of the Central Zagros of Iran and Iraq, 10,000-6000 BC
Roger Matthews, Wendy Matthews, Kamal Rasheed Raheem, Yaghoub Mohammadifar, Kamal Raouf Aziz, Abbass Motarjem, Robin Bendrey, Amy Richardson, Sarah Elliott, Jade Whitlam, Ingrid Iversen, Mike Charles, Amy Bogaard, David Mudd and Sam Walsh

Shimshara Revisited. Hassuna-Samarra Interactions on the Rania Plain, Iraqi Kurdistan
Olivier Nieuwenhuyse and Beatrice Robert

Interaction and Culture Contacts in the Late Chalcolithic Period. New Evidence for the Uruk Culture in the Zagros Foothills
Tim Boaz Bruun Skuldbøl and Carlo Colantoni

Permeability and Resilience between the Zagros Foothills and Mesopotamia. The Case of Kunara in the Upper Tanjaro at the End of the THird Millennium B.C
Christine Kepinski

Cultural Encounters and Local Traditions. A Discussion of the Middle Bronze Age Evidence at Bakr Awa
Ulrike Bürger

A Lion-Throned Tower from Tell Basmusian
DLshad Marf and Jesper Eidem

Before and After the Flood. Archaeology on the Rania Plain Then and Now
Jesper Eidem

On the Edge. The Destruction of Archaeological Heritage in the Flood Zone of Lake Dūkan, Kurdistan
Martin Uildriks

Back to Shemshara. NINO Excavations 2012-2015
Jesper Eidem