The Netherlands Institute for the Near East

Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten  -  Institut nĂ©erlandais du Proche-Orient

NINO Postdoctoral Fellow


Every year NINO opens one full-time postdoctoral position for the duration of two years (overlapping tenures). Each NINO Postdoctoral Fellow carries out original research at NINO, organises an international workshop on a related theme, publishes the proceedings in a NINO volume, and teaches a seminar for graduate students at OIKOS, the National Research School in Classical Studies in the Netherlands.

Candidates are recruited through an open call for applications. Successful candidates will have completed their PhD and possess a research CV commensurate to career stage.

A call will be opened every year in February, starting from February 2019. The selected Postdoctoral Fellow will start his or her fellowship in September.

Conditions and regulations

Conditions as outlined above, full regulations to be announced.


The call for applications is posted on Leiden University’s website, and the application is processed through that website.

NINO Annual Conference

The Annual Conference is organised by NINO’s Postdoctoral Fellow at the end of the first year of his/her tenure. Applicants to the fellowship will include a description of the workshop envisioned in their research proposal, including a list of invited speakers. The Postdoctoral Fellow will collect the papers presented at the workshop in a volume to be published in one of NINO's book series. Funds are available for the organization of the conference and for editorial support.

NINO-OIKOS (Res)MA Seminar

The yearly MA Seminar at OIKOS is taught by NINO’s Postdoctoral Fellow during the spring term, in the last quarter of his/her tenure. S/he will design a course relating to his/her research theme. The topic should be suitable for students in Egyptology, Archaeology of the Near East and Assyriology, and may also be attended by students in Classics.