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Bibliotheca Orientalis

Bibliotheca Orientalis (BiOr) is NINO's quadrimonthly journal containing reviews and bibliographical data on books published on the ancient and modern Near East.

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General information

BiOr appears in three fascicles per year. Each fascicle contains 2-5 articles, in addition to reviews and short announcements of 50-60 books, and a list of books received. A separately printed year index is issued together with the final fascicle of the year. Subjects of articles and books reviewed regularly include: Egyptology incl. Pre-/Early Dynastic and Graeco-Roman Egypt, Coptic and Nubian studies, Assyriology, Hittitology, Semitica, Hebrew and Old Testament studies, archaeology of the Ancient Near East and Egypt, Arabic/Persian/Turkish and Middle Eastern studies.

BiOr is abstracted and indexed in International Bibliography of Periodical Literature on the Humanities and Social Sciences/IBZ online; Bibliographie linguistique/Linguistic Bibliography; ATLA Religion Database; Old Testament Abstracts; New Testament Abstracts.

BiOr is a refereed journal. ISSN: 0006-1913, e-ISSN: 1875-659X.

Editorial Board: H. Gzella, R.E. Kon, A. van der Kooij, L. Limme, D.J.W. Meijer, M. Stol, W.J.I. Waal, and C. Waerzeggers. Editorial secretary: C.H. van Zoest. Editorial assistant: N. Tasma.

Click here to view recent BiOr issues on our website (with abstracts of published articles and reviews sections in each issue).

Subscriptions and online version

Subscriptions are per year = per volume = 3 fascicles. Fascicles are in softcover, 30 x 23 cm.

The subscription fee includes access to BiOr online (available online are issues 1997-present) for as long as the subscription is valid.

Subscriptions and orders of back volumes are handled by Peeters Publishers, Leuven (Belgium). Please navigate to our BiOr subscriptions page to view the current subscription fee and to subscribe through Peeters.

Indexes on BiOr

Looking for a review of a specific book? Download the BiOr indexes 1943-2022 (pdf, ca. 30 MB) and use the search function in your pdf viewer.

Guidelines for authors


In BiOr, we offer reviewers and authors of articles a platform to express their view on recently published books in our fields of interest, and publish their own research. Please note:

Other than a brief statement to the author of a proposed contribution, Editors will not enter into discussions or correspondence about Editorial Board decisions.


Authors are invited to submit articles to the Editorial Board, or to one of the Editors personally. After consideration by the Editorial Board, the Editor in charge of the appropriate section will inform the author of the Board’s decision whether or not to publish the article.

We welcome review articles: studies directly inspired by and reviewing one or more recent publication(s). Authors who have received a book for review in BiOr are encouraged to transform their text into a review article, when feasible. Note that a review article should not simply be a long review; the discussion should add value to the academic discourse.


As a rule, we approach authors for reviewing books received at our editorial office. A list of books received is published in every BiOr issue. We occasionally honour requests from authors to review a specific book mentioned in these lists, or to request and review an important book that was not previously received.


Bibliotheca Orientalis incl. BiOr online is a hybrid open access journal with an embargo period of three years. This means that authors may not publish their article or review published in BiOr in print or on the World Wide Web – including websites such as and open-access repositories – until three years after publication.

Excluded from this embargo is the online repository of the academic organisation to which the author is affiliated at the time of writing or publication: authors may upload a digital offprint of their published article or review on the institutional online repository of their own university or institute.

Authors may use (the offprint of) their text(s) published in BiOr for teaching purposes under the condition that NINO and Peeters are properly credited.

If you wish to publish your article immediately on open-access sites, please contact the publisher, Peeters Publishers, with regard to the payment of the article processing fee.

Publication schedule

(approximate; no rights may be derived from this information)

  1/2 3/4 5/6
deadline for submission of reviews and articles 1 January 1 May 1 September
correcting of print proofs by authors February-March July-August October-November
publication of fascicle (printed and online);
fascicle sent to subscribers
ca. 15 May ca. 15 October ca. 15 February
(incl. year index)
digital offprints sent to authors and publishers early June early November early March


Information for publishers

We welcome review copies of monographs and edited volumes on topics concerning the Ancient Near East, Ancient Egypt, Semitic studies, Arabic/Persian/Turkish and Middle Eastern studies; philology and text editions as well as material culture and archaeology.

Publishers wishing to have their (recent) publication reviewed in BiOr are welcome to send a review copy to:

NINO/Bibliotheca Orientalis
Leiden University-FGW-LIAS
P.O. Box 9515
2300 RA  Leiden
The Netherlands

Books on subjects that fall within our scope will first be listed as “book received” and subsequently reviewed, usually within 12-18 months.

We do not review journal issues; however, the first issue of a relevant new journal may be discussed in a short announcement.


Editorial matters: The BiOr Editorial Office is at the NINO Research Centre in Leiden, the Netherlands. Inquiries on (proposed) manuscripts, print proofs, as well as review copies of books may be sent to:

NINO/Bibliotheca Orientalis
Leiden University-FGW-LIAS
P.O.Box 9515
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands

Administrative matters: Peeters Publishers, Leuven (Belgium) distributes BiOr. Please send orders and subscriptions (print and online) to:

Peeters Publishers
Bondgenotenlaan 153
3000 Leuven