The Netherlands Institute for the Near East

Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten  -  Institut nĂ©erlandais du Proche-Orient

26 Jan 10:00

4th NINO Annual Meeting: Othering & Identity

Rolf Strootman, Ortal-Paz Saar

Universiteit Utrecht

Practical details

Preliminary program

Welcome, opening & introduction (Willemijn Waal, Ortal-Paz Saar, Rolf Strootman)

Keynote lectures:

  1. Céline Debourse (Vienna/Jerusalem),
    Othering and Identity in the Babylonian New Year Festival Texts
  2. Ilan Peled (Leiden),
    The Image of the Other in Mesopotamian Royal Inscriptions
  3. Korshi Dosoo (Würzburg),
    The Representations of Magicians in Christian Literary Texts from Egypt
  4. Lucinda Dirven (Nijmegen),
    Religious Identity and Othering in Roman Dura-Europos
  5. Milinda Hoo (Freiburg),
    Between Hellas and Asia: Locating Self and Other in the Research Imagination of Central Eurasia
  6. Marike van Aerde (Leiden),
    The Dynamics of Indian Ocean Exchange

NINO BA Thesis Prize award ceremony, and presentation by the winner

Lightning sessions:

  1. Ludovica Cecilia (VU Amsterdam),
    The private archive of a Babylonian priestly family (Ilia A)
  2. Daan Nijssen (independent scholar),
    Medes in the Late Iron Age Zagros
  3. Nolke Tasma (Leiden),
    Aramaic Epigraphy in the Roman Near East and the Parthian Commmonwealth: Imperial Elites and Local Realities
  4. John Turco (University of Groningen),
    Rituals in Space: Reconstructing Funerary Rituals through Gifts and Bones
  5. Nicholas Aherne (Groningen),
    Encoffined Bodies: on the role of decorated sarcophagi in funerary customs of Coastal Lebanon during the Roman period

Final remarks, closure, drinks

General information

NINO’s Annual Meeting (in Dutch: de jaarlijkse NINO-dag) is held every year at the end of January. It offers an opportunity for advanced students and researchers of the ancient Near East in the Netherlands to meet and exchange ideas about ongoing and envisioned research projects. The Meeting is co-organised by NINO and an alternating host institution.