The Netherlands Institute for the Near East

Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten  -  Institut néerlandais du Proche-Orient

NINO Annual Meeting

NINO’s Annual Meeting (end of January) offers an opportunity for advanced students and researchers of the ancient Near East in the Netherlands to meet and exchange ideas about ongoing and envisioned research projects. An award ceremony of the NINO Thesis Prizes is part of the Meeting, which is co-organised by NINO and an alternating host institution.

Third NINO Annual Meeting: postponed until 2022 

Due to corona measures, we have postponed our third Annual Meeting. An important part of the meeting is mingling with colleagues, students and friends in person; an online meeting is no viable alternative. The third NINO Annual Meeting will be organized in 2022 in cooperation with the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University. Date, theme, and programme to be announced.

The NINO Thesis Prizes award ceremony will be held online on 28 January 2021. Normally this ceremony is part of the NINO Annual Meeting, but we cannot postpone awarding the prizes and seeing the laureates present their winning thesis!

On 8 July 2021 we will hold the Jaarprijs Cuijpers-Opdenakker award ceremony. We hope it will be possible to make this an offline event, so we can take the opportunity to meet in person.

Previous Annual Meetings

The second NINO Annual Meeting was held at the University of Amsterdam on 30 January 2020. See the event page on our website.

The first NINO Annual Meeting was held in Groningen on 31 January 2019, with the Institute of Archaeology and the Qumran Institute of Groningen University. See the event page on our website.