The Netherlands Institute for the Near East

Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten  -  Institut néerlandais du Proche-Orient

NINO Visiting Research Fellow (self-funded)

NINO welcomes scholars from around the world, including the Netherlands, to carry out their research in the NINO Near Eastern Library. Visiting Research Fellows typically use their own funding or external fellowships to finance their stay (including travel, housing and health care provisions). They are expected to take part in NINO’s academic life and either to reside in the Netherlands during their stay or to commute regularly.

Facilities and benefits provided during the Visiting Research Fellow’s term include use of library resources at the NINO Near Eastern Library, use of Leiden University’s ICT services (including Wi-Fi, printing and scanning), seminar and conference space as needed, office space or flexible work space upon request and based on availability, and opportunities to present research findings through lectures or printed publications, when possible and/or suitable.

Applications can be submitted at any time of the year. Affiliations are awarded for a period of max. 12 months and may be renewed in certain circumstances.

Conditions and regulations

Applicants hold a PhD or equivalent degree at the time of their application and boast a publication track record commensurate to their career stage; their envisioned research project falls within NINO’s areas of interest.

Candidates are prepared to disseminate their project among the research community at NINO or another research institute in the Netherlands, e.g. in a masterclass or public lecture.

Applications that propose collaborations during and beyond the stay at NINO will be at an advantage.

Preference may be given to applicants who have not previously held a Visiting Research Fellowship at NINO.

Full regulations to be announced.

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