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Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten  -  Institut néerlandais du Proche-Orient

NINO Conference Subsidy

NINO offers subsidies of up to € 2.000 in support of workshops, conferences and other scientific events about the ancient Near East (incl. Egypt) organized in the Netherlands.

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Meetings of researchers and (advanced) students in the fields covered by NINO, and organized by a scholarly institution in the Netherlands, are eligible. Applications are considered four times per year by the NINO Academic Committee. A total annual budget of € 10.000 is available.

A Conference Subsidy should be used within 12 months following the award.

NINO Conference Subsidy

Deadline for application 15 February 15 May 15 August 15 November
Award April July October January
Subsidy to be used until April next year July next year October next year January next year


Conditions and regulations

The main applicant should be affiliated to a Dutch university, museum or other academic institution.

The Subsidy cannot be used retroactively, i.e. for a conference or symposium with a starting date earlier than the award date.

Successful applicants are asked to mention NINO as a partner of the event and to send a brief report of the results of the meeting within two months after the meeting was convened. The report may be included in the NINO newsletter or posted on our website.

Costs to be covered by the subsidy may include

Not covered are

Have you obtained or applied for any other funds or awards regarding this event? Please mention them in your budget – matching funds are an asset to your application.


The application should consist of:

  1. a cover letter, offering contact details of the applicant;
  2. a brief abstract of the nature, purpose and envisioned outcome of the event (max. 300 words);
  3. a (preliminary) program, including a list of speakers and the topics to be discussed;
  4. a budget table, including information on other funds received or applied for.

The three items should be combined in a single pdf and uploaded below.

Please note

NINO Conference Subsidies are awarded four times per year (max. € 2.000), for the organisation of a workshop, conference or other scientific event. For smaller events, or for events aimed at the broader public, we also offer NINO Outreach Allowances year-round (max. € 300).

Important note

NINO Conference Subsidies are to be used for the organisation of a conference, not participation in a conference.

In 2023, NINO will offer a limited number of Conference Participation Grants to participants in ICE 13 and RAI 68, under specific conditions. Details on the NINO Conference Participation Grant and the possibility to submit will be announced on this website after 15 January 2023.

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