The Netherlands Institute for the Near East

Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten  -  Institut nĂ©erlandais du Proche-Orient

14 Sep 2023 Collection

New stories added to the NINO-Zone on Things That Talk

Just in time for the Week van het Oude Schrift held in the RMO, some new stories have been added to the NINO-Zone on Things That Talk connecting beautifully to the topic of different scripts of ancient India and the ancient Near East. 

Added objects include a shabti bearing an inscription, a fragment of a stela from Deir el-Medina, and much more. 

Visit the webpage on Things That Talk NINO-Zone to find more stories about the institute itself, and of objects kept in the various collections of NINO: Read about the history of NINO during the Second World War, a bookshelf containing the Rudolph Said-Ruete collection, and various objects belonging to the Böhl collection – such as the newly added shabti and stela fragment from Deir el-Medina, as well as clay tablets, a cylinder and many more.