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3 Jul 2019 Funding

New funding opportunities at NINO

New: NINO Fieldwork Subsidy – New: NINO Conference Subsidy – Now open for submissions: NINO Thesis Prizes 2019

NINO Fieldwork Subsidy

Starting from August 2019 NINO offers a new funding instrument: a Fieldwork Subsidy for (archaeological) fieldwork in the Near East and Egypt. Every year two subsidies at € 5000 are available, as limited financial support to starting or smaller projects.

Applications are now welcome; the deadline is 15 August. The next opportunity to apply will be in 2020. More details and online application form on the Fieldwork Subsidy page.

NINO Conference Subsidy

Another new funding instrument is our Conference Subsidy, meant to help fund scholarly meetings such as conferences and workshops held at academic institutions in the Netherlands. Subsidies of max. € 2000 may be applied for as of now; the total budget is € 10,000 per year.

We have already granted several initiatives a Conferency Subsidy: the seminar Coptic Ostraca from the Theban Region, a conference on Soknopaiou Nesos, the International Congress for Young Egyptologists (ICYE), and the celebration of 100 years Assyriology at Leiden.

Applications are now welcome; the next deadlines are 15 August and 15 November 2019. More details and online application form on the Conference Subsidy page.

NINO Thesis Prizes 2019

NINO annually awards one BA Thesis Prize (€ 400) and one MA Thesis Prize (€ 600) to the best thesis on the ancient Near East (incl. Egypt) in the Netherlands.

The call for submissions for theses written during the academic year 2018/2019 is now open; the deadline is 1 October. Was your BA or MA thesis graded an 8 or higher? Send it in and compete for a prize!

The competition is judged in November; the two winners are awarded the Thesis Prize at NINO’s Annual Meeting in January 2020. More details and online application form on the NINO Thesis Prizes page.