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Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten  -  Institut nĂ©erlandais du Proche-Orient

Annual Veenhof Lecture

The Veenhof Lecture is organized every November by the Netherlands Institute for the Near East in cooperation with the National Museum of Antiquities. Named after Prof. K.R. Veenhof and honouring his contributions to Assyriology, the annual lecture is aimed at colleagues and students, as well as a broader public. The speaker is an internationally renowned scholar. All are welcome to attend the lecture.

Previous lectures

2 December 2022 20 Eleanor Robson Veenhof Lecture: Access to knowledge in cuneiform culture
10 December 2021 19 Eva Cancik-Kirschbaum Guardians of the written word: the dawn of philology in the Ancient Near East
22 November 2019 18 Francesca Rochberg These Bones Live! Cuneiform Knowledge and Natural Knowledge
9 November 2018 17 Douglas Baird Skulls and houses. Boncuklu, the development of the Neolithic in central Anatolia and the antecedents of Çatalhöyük
24 November 2017 16 Daniele Morandi Bonacossi The rise and fall of the Assyrian Empire as seen from the Nineveh countryside. Results of the Land of Nineveh Archaeological Project in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, 2012-2017
25 November 2016 15 Stefano Anastasio Pioneering photography in Egypt and Mesopotamia in John Alfred Spranger’s 1929-1936 photo reportages
20 November 2015 14 Cécile Michel The Assyrian settlement at Kültepe/Kaneš
21 November 2014 13 Wouter Henkelman De inscriptie van Bisotun, poort naar het Oude Nabije Oosten
1 November 2013 12 Pascal Butterlin Mari — 80 years of archaeological research in perspective 
16 November 2012 11 Peter Pfälzner Politics and Diplomacy in Syria, 3500 years ago: Archaeological Excavations in the Kingdom of Qatna 
18 November 2011 10 Klaus Schmidt Göbekli Tepe, a Neolithic Sanctuary in Upper Mesopotamia 
19 November 2010 9 Alfonso Archi The Gods of Ebla 
20 November 2009 8 Jesper Eidem Qala’at Halwanji — a 4000 year old fortress in Syria 
22 November 2008 7 Peter Jablonka Troy — archaeology, legend, history 
23 November 2007 6 Dominique Charpin Unexpected aspects of Mesopotamian civilization — the role of the temples 
17 November 2006 5 Harald Hauptmann  Temples and Deities in Early Upper Mesopotamia. A new picture of the Neolithic Revolution in the Near East 
18 November 2005 4 Stefan Maul Sickness and Healing in the Ancient Orient 
19 November 2004 3 Tony Wilkinson  Arabia’s First Towns: Bronze Age Chiefdoms in Highland Yemen 
21 November 2003 2 Guillermo Algaze Trade and development of early Mesopotamian social complexity
14 May 2002 1 Nicholas Postgate Trade before writing — Learning the lessons of the future